A surge of positive energy!

Good news everyone!

Remember the fundraising that happened almost exactly a month ago? Today we achieved our goal! Well, it’s at RM1999.18 because of conversion rates (our Paypal operates in Euro) but as far as I’m concerned, we have achieved our RM2000 goal. And for that I invented a dance of joy. True story.

What people may not see is that, it’s much more than the money. It’s the injection of faith that lifts you up from a rough patch, a boost when you’re sending out emails that seem to never reach their recipients, a firm squeeze on your shoulder when you are overwhelmed by work, work and more work. A childhood friend who has not spoken to you in years banks in money out of the blue, just because he believes in what you’re doing. The endearing gesture of a friend who, upon realizing that we were about RM65 away from our goal, donates a second time just to reach the target. And so here we are. I’m blogging with a huge smile spread across my face and gratitude swelling in my heart. Warm fuzzies!

I’m in a particularly good mood today because of this, and also because we have achieved another landmark: 600 likes on Facebook. And then two more. Woo hoo!! We’ve been relaunched for slightly more than a month, and it’s not been smooth sailing all the time. But we are on the right path, I would say. The mapping event on this Sunday has also been well-received as we’ve got quite many people confirming their attendance. I’m quite excited about getting the mapping done. The pre-research is under way and hopefully things will run smoothly on the day itself.

To end this post I’d like to share this TED Talk by Amanda Palmer, who talks about connecting with the community and being unafraid to ask for help. Asking for help is indeed difficult. But it can be very rewarding when you make that personal connection with people and they actually want to help you. The point of this post really =)


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