Awesome new features in MESYM!

We have a bunch of new features that, we believe, are awesome! We hope you’ll think the same 😉

Our aim is to connect all the green dots in Malaysia, make it easy to everyone to take action. With this in mind, we added some new features:

  • Detailed Google Maps location information for Profiles and Actions
  • Possibility to co-create Actions (and Events, Articles and Announcements) with another Profile

We hope you’ll find these new features useful. Also, please share with your friends, let’s make the sustainability movement in Malaysia bigger, as big as we can!


Real addresses for Profiles

When creating or editing a Profile, now we can specify detailed addresses, and as many as needed. Then:

  • Organizations can list all their branches
  • Individuals can say in what city or cities they are based

Add Locations to your Profile


And it will show on the Profiles Map!


Organization and Individual Profiles Map in Malaysia!


Real addresses for Actions

When editing or creating an Actions, now we can specify exactly where it takes place, adding as many locations as needed


Add Locations to your Actions


And it will show in the Actions Map!


All Actions happening in Malaysia! Any near you?


Google Maps in the Homepage for Events, Actions and Profiles!

Now, each Event, Action and Profile in the Homepage will also show  its location in the Google Map.


Google Maps showing in the homepage, with detailed addresses for Events, Actions and Profiles


And also, a quick link, just click on the marker to show the Location directly on the Map:

Quick link on the marker…


… open the location in the Google Map


Super-powered Profiles

Profiles have been re-charged with a lot of info.

  • Social Sharing: tell your friends about the Profile
  • All locations in the map
  • All Events, Actions, Articles and Announcements

Profiles show all its Events, Actions, Announcements and Articles


Google Maps showing the Profile’s, their Events’ and Actions’ locations


Create an Action (or Event, Article or Announcement) together with somebody else

A group of Organizations can co-host an Event or make an Announcement together. Or a group of friends can co-own an Action or co-write an Article.

By co-creating an Action (or Event, Article or Announcement) with other Profiles, each Profile will get the credit, display its contact information, and be able to edit the information.


Co-create an Action, Event, Article or Announcement with another Profile


If you think this is all cool, and you have friends, or you know of Organizations who might find it useful and use it, please spread the word!!!! 🙂

Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.