With a little help from my friends :)

It’s my 30th birthday! Well, it will be in about a week (4th of May). For this momentous occasion I decided to expose my age to the world and to fundraise for MESYM.com.

What is MESYM.com?

Check out what we do, our story and our team.

Why do we need the money?

The MESYM team is completely composed of volunteers, and right now we are paying out of our pockets for everything. Website hosting, name cards, flyers, exhibition display, bananas (yes, we actually need bananas – every Documentary Night that we host, we bring bananas for the audience as snacks)…

I have the list of expenses that we have already incurred for our operations till now, in a publicly available Google Spreadsheet. We’ve spent about RM1000 to date, and this doesn’t include the man hours that we have put in nor trivial costs like transportation to go for meetings and stuff. My goal is to raise RM2000 (about USD660/ EUR506/ SGD815), to cover operational costs in the near future, and also I anticipate a marketing campaign that will probably run much smoother if we had some funds to use.

How to send us the money?

If you have a Malaysian bank account and prefer to bank in the money, here’s my bank account details:
Name: Tan Jun E
Bank: Maybank
Account number: 112447034754

Please notify me through jun-e@mesym.com when you bank in any money, so that I can link the payment to the person.

If you prefer to donate through credit card or Paypal, you can do so here.

What happens after you send us the money?

I will compile a list of donor names and the donated amount, and put them up upon receipt of the money. Here’s our balance sheet, and the details of the expenses. They will always be publicly available for transparency and accountability.

As with all crowd-funding projects, every little helps! Also, inspired by fundraising platforms like Kickstarter.com, if you donate more than RM200, I’ll send you a handmade birthday card drawn by yours truly, on your birthday, wishing you happy birthday and reminding you of your awesomeness.

The List of Donors:

  1. Peter Vingerhoets – EUR100 (~RM400)
  2. Yap Hong Ching – RM100
  3. Joanne Lim Lai Yee – RM30
  4. Melissa Tan – RM50
  5. Val Braun – EUR10 (~RM40)
  6. Casy Choi – EUR30 (~RM120)
  7. Richard Moffett – EUR20 (~RM80)
  8. Ding Xiao Ci – RM30
  9. Tan Xin Fu – RM100
  10. Eva Maria Bille – RM100
  11. Louis Karim – EUR50 (~RM200)
  12. Robert Ockhuizen – EUR20 (~RM80)
  13. Liw Teck Leong – RM150
  14. Lim Gene-Harn – RM300
  15. Louis Du Plessis – EUR58.4 (~RM233)
  16. [Your name here] – [Amount]


Welcome to MESYM!
Connecting the green dots

MESYM.com is a crowd-sourced platform and a living database for environmental movements in Malaysia. There are many good actions being done out there. Our goal is to bring them together. We connect the green dots.