Finally we can add Comments on MESYM!

It took time, but as we say, better late than never! (And also, it took time because we wanted the Comments section to be awesome! I hope we managed to do it ;))

So this is really big news: finally we have a Comments section in the website!!!

Check out how it looks like in our upcoming event page: MESYM Crossover Documentary Series #6: The Take


  • Log in to add a comment using your MESYM account
  • Or if you (still!) not have a MESYM account, you can also use your Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn account
  • Add nicely formatted comments (bold, different colors, etc)
  • Upload images
  • Embed Youtube videos (just copy the youtube video URL in 1 line, and it will automatically be embedded)

Since we just uploaded it, there might still have some issues (bugs). If you find any problem, please write to us so we can fix it.

And please take part in the conversation! 🙂