Hurray, MESYM has its first Sponsor! Thanks IEN Consultants!

Starting this June, MESYM welcomes Sponsorship funding. Through the Sponsorship funding we get, we will finally be able to do many things to spread the message further, such as:

  1. Hire writers to produce quality content
  2. Pay our developers for their tireless and unpaid work on the website – and the website continues to be upgraded with better features to support the community
  3. Hire an employee to oversee operational matters
  4. Deploy marketing campaigns that would make MESYM better known

We have our first Sponsoring Superhero: IEN Consultants!

We want to give our many thanks to IEN Consultants for becoming our first sponsor, and for believing in us and helping in our environmental quest. So many cheers and applauses and hugs and kisses for Gregers and his team. Needless to say, we are extremely happy with it.

Thanks to their generosity, IEN’s gray man logo will be featured in our website: Our Sponsors page, all different sections (eg: check the sidebar in the Events Calendar page), our footer and also our newsletters. Not bad, huh?

A little bit about IEN Consultants

IEN Consultants has more than 10 years of experience and expertise in making the green buildings. Their expert consultants are involved in over 20 projects primarily in Malaysia, amounting to more that 14 million square feet of green building space.

IEN Consultants built the famous ST Diamond building in Putrajaya, which saves 65% of the energy and has a payback time of 3 years. Their vision is that “buildings and transport are low carbon and in balance with what the Earth can handle”.


Cheers gray man!