Many new Actions, Events and Profiles!

We’re excited to announce the results of the Action/Event Mapping Sunday! With the help of our awesome volunteers, we managed to get… *drumroll*

  • 16 new Events
  • 15 new Actions
  • 2 new Announcements
  • 16 new Organizational Profiles

Hurrah hurrah!! Explore the Action page and the Upcoming Events, since not everything could fit in the front page. There are many types of exciting initiatives, and quite possibly there is something interesting for everyone.

A huge thank you to everyone who came! Credits go to: Leo, Jun-E, Jackie, Nicolas, Amalen, Emily, Chris, Eric and Imran. With the added manpower, we were able to accomplish much more research in a much shorter time, and entered them into the website. Lots of ground was covered. Check out our calendar for June! So many events!

june calendar copy

To give you some idea of the work that goes on behind the scenes, this is a rough description of the process:

  1. Before the event, pre-research was done, so that the volunteers would have some leads to work on. This entailed finding as many Profiles as possible and listing them down in a master list. Special shoutout to Teckwyn for giving us many pointers.
  2. During the event, volunteers were briefed on why we’re doing this, and how we plan to do it. They were divided into groups of two, focusing on different parts of Malaysia, digging into all the Profiles provided in the master list to find their Actions, Events and partnering organizations (adding new Profiles to the list). All the posts need to be checked and approved, and then they are published.
  3. After the event, organizations have to be contacted so that they will know that their Profile and their action/event is on MESYM. We will work on these emails tonight.


And the pictures:


All in all it was a great event! We are planning for the next round. Soon!

Welcome to MESYM!
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