Plenty of new features in MESYM!

MESYM has launched plenty of new features:

  • @Mentions:
    when creating a post or adding a comment, you can mention any user, and this person will receive a notification. Simply type “@” and then start typing the name of the person.
  • #Hashtags:
    when creating a post or adding a comment, you can add a Twitter-like hashtag. Simply type # and the topic, and all posts/comments can be grouped by hashtag/topic. #mesym #websitefeatures.
  • Follow users:
    when following a user, you will receive notifications following this user’s activity, such as recommending content, posting a new article, comment, etc.
  • Recommend posts:
    share your recommendations with your network.
  • Notifications:
    logged in users will receive notifications from their network, such as posts created or recommended, replying to a comment, etc.
  • No content moderation pre-publishing:
    instead of having an admin approve the content, now each post goes online immediately, and the community can flag down and report inappropriate content.
  • Communities:
    organizations can have members in the website, and all content from their members will also show on the organization’s profile
  • Quick Posts:
    a new type of content, ideal for short and concise information, it displays directly in the content feed.
  • Links:
    all content types can also be added as “links”, that is, instead of having to copy/paste content from other websites, you can simply embed their link directly in this website.
  • Extracts of important information:
    any user can extract the really important, meaningful bits of information from each post. These extracts will show in the Content feed, alleviating the need for each user to click on each single article to understand what it is about.

For a complete description of all these features and many more, please visit How to use the website.

Welcome to MESYM!
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