10x Sessions – CleanTech

With so much movement in the industry and so many great minds living in and around Kuala Lumpur, it seemed silly that there wasn’t a regular entrepreneurs focused meet-up group that is around networking and thought leaders.

The 10x Sessions was formed to fill this void. Once a month, we’ll bring together experts and enthusiasts to share insights, tips and a drink on a particular topic related to startups.
Much has been discussed recently of the need for Malaysia to evolve its energy industry. CleanTech is a word that has been discussed at many tables from government to industry. But what does this mean?

This month, we are bringing together the brightest minds behind the CleanTech industry in Kuala Lumpur.

We will be revealing our panel of speakers soon so stay tune and keep your eyes open for updates on our FB page!
Are you looking to empower the CleanTech industry, work in a company that that revolves around big CleanTech ideas that addresses today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic changes? This is the networking meet up for you.

The majority of people live in cities, and the urban population continues to grow. This has created a great need for more clean, sustainable, and affordable solutions. In many cases the cutting-edge solutions are developed within small or medium-sized enterprise, others by individuals and visionaries and others by sustainability enthousiasts. All these groups of people, we welcome you to come and network at this event!

30th March 2017, at 7.30 pm

RSVP HERE: http://bit.ly/10xsessions-cleantech

Level 13, Uptown 1, Damansara Uptown.

Who should join the 10x Talk?
• Small-medium sized business owners and CleanTech industry professionals in KL
• Who are growing fast… really fast
• Interested in adopting new technologies to grow further
• Looking to overcome complex challenges

Serious entrepreneurs only. Please don’t come and sell your properties or your insurance schemes.

There will be food and drinks so register now to avoid dissapointments.

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Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1413108918730775

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