3rd Eco-Sustainable Rainforest Music Festival 2013

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Our festival is held as a celebration of the September equinox where the solar effect reduces the magnetic field of the Earth thus allowing us to connect more easily as it can time for growth, richness and inner exploration.  A time of change, as the sun moves from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere over the equator, where we are located.

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Why Eco-Sustainable?

Located off the electricity grid is in fact a blessing.  No light switches to flip as we wish, energy is used thriftily with consciousness.  There’s no municipal water supply into our taps, but there’s wild water gushing constantly from the Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve through the land.  Skyscrapers, concrete blocks and vehicles noises are replaced by the calls of the gibbons, the hornbills flying across the valley and the rhythm of the stream.  We are farming to feed ourselves without hurting nature at all.

Living sustainably is about, as someone wrote to us, “Nature the way God intended, life as it was meant to be.”

Why Rainforest?

The Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve is our neighbor.  It provides us crystal clear wild waters, amazing crisp and clean air to breathe, an opportunity to co-exist with wildlife, rich biodiversity to grow and farm, a dramatic backdrop of forest to protect us and to make this land our blessed home and playground.

We arrived to Earth an existing bond with nature, sometimes we forget about it.  The rainforest will restore your connection as the soil caresses your barefeet when you embrace each other.

Why Music?

When we clap our hands, sway our hips and nod our heads to the words, tunes and rhythms, we become connected and united.  We exist together, we leave our identities and ego behind.  Music brings us to the present and now.

Stay tuned for our continuous updates of performing musicians.

Why Communities?

We exist in communities with shared goals to be harmonious, creative, productive.. to be humans we can’t live exist in isolation.  If we live without a community, we are centered in our own universe. Our actions and decisions become about what’s best for ourselves because we are not connected to anyone or thing. But within a community, we look towards the connections around us for support and guidance. We obtain direction, education and purpose from the community.

How will you sleep?

Pack a tent, a sleeping bag or your entire pillow collection.  A long house* will be your home, sheltered from the elements.  Set up your tents any corner or center you feel like.  Experience communal sharing and living together again.

*The first floor of an old tea processing factory with airy windows, timber flooring and covered roof.  If it rains, you won’t get wet.  If the sun is scorching, you’ll be shaded. 

Where will you shower?

Where else, but the infamous and forever loved JACUZZI!

How and what will you eat?

We believe that the best meals are made with good vibes and love.  We’ll be eating together mostly vegetarian, perhaps even cooking together and enjoying simple, wholesome food with a bbq under the stars (if the clouds are kind).

Most importantly, what will you gain?

We don’t want to promise the stars, but we do hope you can bring some of their sparkles back with you.  What you’ll gain is your own unique lessons, your own experience, your own connection and presence.  Some new good friends, a great time definitely can be a bountiful bonus!

How to book?

Send us an email [permaculture.perak at gmail.com] with your full name and contact number.  We will send you payment details (via bank transfer or PAYPAL) to confirm your space.

Pre-booking price : RM190 per person for 2 nights (RM95 per person for additional nights)

How to Survive?

What to bring? What to expect?  You’ll have all your answers here in our “Jungle Farm Survival Kit”.

How to Arrive?

For transport information, please find out more here.

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