A “Barter Market + Recycle Activities” for our Earth…

Barter Market is where everyone brings their items to Exchange/Swap with others without using Money as a medium of exchange.

Let’s have fun on “13th April 2014, Sunday 9.30 am to 12.00 pm at Sunwaymas Field” & while the adults busy bartering & working hard on the recycle items, we will also be having a “Kids Corner” to educate our young on the importance of taking care of our environment with some fun filled activities 🙂


It’s Open to Public with no participation fees. Strictly NO CASH transaction involved.
Bring any of your items that you want to barter with others, as long as it’s Legal 😉

Items needed: GLASS, newspapers, plastic, aluminium, electrical appliances & papers.

Educate our young on the importance of taking care of our environment with some fun filled activities. Please do bring your kids to participate in this meaningful event.

Bartering = Hunting for items > Bargains > Make new friends > Getting new stuff (e.g. toys, books, accessories, watches, iPod…iii & etc) WITHOUT using your $$$! But with your unused/unwanted items. “One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure”. ^_^

Oh and if you have lots of items please bring your own Mat/Tikar…

BARTER before 3R!!! By BARTERING it helps to REDUCE our unused items, let someone REUSE it & lastly with no other choice we RECYCLE it.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry you can always Start Bartering online at http://www.savepot.com.my/barterit

Together let’s help each other to SAVE by BARTERING!

For more information:
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/261620954007870/

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