Adopt a Community Park – A Winged-Fruit Trees

In collaboration with UM’s Department of Development and Estate Maintenance (JPPHB), The Rimba Project would like to invite the campus community, graduating classes, alumni and members of the public to be part of the co-ownership of a community park, located in the heart of the UM Campus. Our dream is to make UM a walk-in educational garden, an urban nature park, where plants and animals coexist harmoniously with humans. The co-ownership of the park will create a sense of belonging and care for the environment and public spaces, and at the same time, the community can take pride in a park that is well-cared for.

This project will manage the planting of a grove of endangered native forest tree species. This area will be a major campus feature, providing many learning opportunities for student project work, academic research, edutourism, and enhance local school and community awareness activities. It will also provide a controlled environment to raise the trees and enhance the habitat for birds, insects and other urban wildlife. Read more:

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