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April 2017 School Holiday Coding Workshop – EARTH DAY

April 2017 School Holiday Coding Workshop – EARTH DAY

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April 2017 School Holiday Coding Workshop – EARTH DAY


Date : April 10th – 12th, 2017 (Mon – Wed)
Time : 9.30am – 12.30pm
Theme : Coding & Earth Day Appreciation
Fees : RM545
Promotion: 10% early bird discount (valid till 25th March, for the first 5 students only)

Note: Maximum 10 students per camp, subject to first come first serve basis.

In conjunction with April’s EARTH DAY, Codejuniors will have a fun mix of CODING + FUN FACTS ABOUT EARTH PROJECTS. The camp setting is hands-on and collaborative, and the experience is centered on learning through fun and discovery! On top of that, you get to build your very own FREE Terrarium too!


Overview of the camp:

– Creating a Storyboard and see their Creation come to live by coding their Animated Stories with MIT visual programming language, the perfect way to learn basic programming concepts while having fun!
– Coding with Robots using Google visual programming language, create your very own Earth Day project – learn computational thinking and STEM education!
– Unplugged (off-screen) sessions that teach kids concepts of coding using problem solving skills.
– Build-your-own Terrarium and take it home! All tools and materials required provided.

“Making a terrarium can provide children, especially urban kids, a space to appreciate and interact with nature. Designing a terrarium also is a form of artistic expression for children to express their creativity.”

(Parents have the option to top up RM40 for additional accessories like colored sands, mini-figurine, bigger glass)

What to Bring: An iPad (iOS8 or later) or any Android tab (Android 4.4.2 KitKat)


Camp Overview:

In this camp, students will :
– Learn coding with MIT Visual Programming Language, SCRATCH
– Learn how to create your own engaging stories (Earth Day theme) and video games
– Learn the fundamentals of coding
– And in conjunction with April’s Earth Day , get to build your very own FREE Terrarium!


1. What is Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language – developed by the MIT Media Lab -that provides a rich learning environment for first-time programmers. Scratch makes ideas of computer science accessible and allows creation of interactive, media-rich projects such as animation and games.

2. How Scratch works

Scratch allows new programmers to create programs with drag-and-drop block-codes.

3. Why Scratch?

Scratch provides everything needed to program games. Scratch building blocks approach to programming sets it apart from other programming languages. This makes Scratch easier to learn. And yet Scratch provides plenty of programming power, allowing you to build very powerful application projects.

4. What to Bring: A laptop (Windows/Mac/Chromebook) with wifi capability


> Camp setting is hands-on and collaborative. The experience is centered on learning through fun and discovery.

> Skills development includes:
– Foundation in concepts of programming
– Visual programming skills
– STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) skills
– Introduction to circuitry
– Critical thinking
– Problem-solving
– Creativity
– Adapting to new challenges
…and Social skills – make new friends!

To enroll for the camp, please register at

For further enquiries, please email to or call 012-3377055

Event link:

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