Barter Market at “Ignite The Silver Lining Carnival 2015” in UPM :)

Good News Barter Friends!

We are delighted to be invited to organize a “Barter Market” at “Ignite The Silver Lining Carnival 2015” in UPM 🙂

The Carnival is organized by Faculty of Environmental Studies with Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar UPM to light up your path towards sustainable living.

Do come & join us on Sunday 17th May 2015 to have some fun going green 😀

BARTER MARKET is where everyone brings their items to Barter (Exchange/Swap) with others without using Money as a medium of exchange. Strictly NO CASH transactions will be entertained.


Barter to “REDUCE” our resource consumption, Barter to let other REUSE our items & lastly with no other choice we RECYCLE… BARTER before 3R!!!

Besides helping our environment, let’s help each other to SAVE by BARTERING 🙂

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