A “Barter Market” is where everyone brings their items to Exchange/Swap with others without using Money as a medium of exchange.

As for the recycle activities please bring along your recycle items that you have been collecting 🙂

It is best that we all start from our own home by separating our daily items for recycle as we only have One Earth!

Please join us on “10th November 2013, Sunday 9.30am to 12.00pm” at Sunwaymas Field & feel free to invite yourself to this event and also your family & friends as well.

Let’s start BARTERING as it REDUCE our unused items, let someone REUSE it & lastly with no other choice we RECYCLE it.

Oh if you have lots of items please bring your own mat/tikar 🙂

Together let’s conserve our resources & help each other to SAVE by BARTERING ^_^

For Barter (Exchange/Swap) only. Strictly NO CASH transactions will be entertained.

Recycle Activities:
Items needed; Newspapers, plastic, electrical appliances & papers.

Barter Market:
Bring any of your items that you want to barter with others, as long as it’s Legal.

For more information:

or Facebook event page:

Barter Market 10th Nov 2013

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