Bicycle Shorts II

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Celebrating Cycling Through Cinema (RERUN in PJ)

The 2nd screening in Kuala Lumpur, this year’s edition of cycling short films, Village Bicycles in collaboration with Coffee Famille presents the special screening event of 5 short films featuring cycling at it’s best on social movements, world issues and an art film. In all, Bicycle Shorts II intends to bring you on a journey beyond cycling, to witness how the simple joys of the two-wheeler is shared around the world.

RETURN OF THE SCORCHER, 1992 (28 mins) a documentary film by Ted White, it gave the international movement ‘Critical Mass’ it’s name. It provides an interesting insight into 1990’s movement. With introduction to the ‘modern’ view of cycling and to the basic ideas of what this revolutionary movement is about.

CICLOVÍA 2011 (9 mins) Bogota, Colombia. a special documentary about another cycling movement that started in Bogota, Colombia. Since 1976, this open streets movement has now spread worldwide, right up to our doorstep Indonesia. produced by, it shows the success of how a simple program has built a stronger community with a space for positive integration and all for free!

BICYCLE SOUNDS 2012 (3 mins) A short breather film showcasing the ingenious Stephen Meierding, an artist, photographer, and videographer living in NYC. His creation and videography of a kinectic musical bicycle won him the Bike Short Film Festival Spring 2012 in NYC.

YA’ TELAB BLUES 2012 (9 mins) Iran. 1 of a series of 3 short art films by Az Kolexion ‘E London (AKL) London. A musico-visual adaptation of Marziyeh Meshkini’s movie ‘THE DAY I BECAME A WOMAN’, this conceptual art film is meant to celebrate the role of the bicycle and how it paved the way for Woman’s Rights, then and now. Juxtapose between time periods, geographically and culture.

WITH MY OWN TWO WHEELS 2011 (42 mins) A documentary of 5 different people around the world, how the bicycle changed their lifes & everything around them. Cycling to many here is a question of health, recreation, and comfort. Maybe a eco-conscious mode of transport. For the less fortunate, it’s a question of survival and remaining relevant.

The Cycling KL Map (1st working draft) will be on display. Empty base-maps are available too. Cycling KL volunteers get-together, come meet each other, the brave cycling pioneers of mapping KL.

Special sale of independent-community-made Boneshaker Magazine UK, latest issue #11. with some back issues available.

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