Big Dreams Little Bears – 2013 Fundraising Event for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

This fundraiser event aims to raise over RM 500,000 to partially fund (25% of RM 2m) the construction of the 2nd bear house, creating the one hectare forest enclosure and some of the BSBCC operation costs for 2013

Funds donated from this fundraiser will go through the Bornean Sun Bear Trust Fund that is managed by trustees who are the Directors of Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Forestry Department and LEAP (NGO).

The goal is to create a centre that will attract the attention and support of the local business communities because they can be the driving force behind public opinion on how the Sun bear is perceived.

Potential donors will eventually have the opportunity to see the bears that they have helped and feel rewarded. In addition, a fundraiser in Sandakan could set a standard for animal welfare and conservation in this region, which has previously never been achieved.


Malayan Sun Bear

Event Cause & Brief

  • To organize a grand fundraising banquet evening, with programme, in aid of the bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), Sandakan
  • To gather the Sandakan business community together to better understand the work and value of the bears in a global economic and environmental context,
  • Targeting a sum of over RM500,000 to be raised from the sale of tables and other donation means (contributing approximately 1/4 to their necessary budget of RM 2m for 2013),
  • The evening is jointly organized by a group of local volunteers and the BSBCC team.

Event higlights

  • Hakka Association Hall, Mile 6, Taman Tyng
  • Pre-dinner cocktail reception accompanied by live music
  • 8-course banquet by 5-star kitchen
  • Sun bear Centre presentation and International documentaries
  • Hosted by celebrity MCs Lina Teoh and Vincent Huang
  • Musical performances by Gary Chaw @ Cao Ge, Jaclyn Victor, Pink Tan @ Chen Ke Bin, Amir Yussof & friends
  • Art photography auction by celebrated Jonathan Tan
  • VIP Guest of honour
  • Company of fellow Sandakan business community


The BSBCC is backed by the Sabah Government, who in 2008 pledged its commitment to the protection and conservation of the Sun Bear, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman saw that the centre had great potential to raise the profile of this forgotten animal and at the same time, to use the sun bear as an ambassador of further protection of raiforest habitats.

BSBCC aims to become an important educational and awareness centre.

With our close proximity to both Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and the Rainforest Discovery Centre, we hope to prove a worthy educational tourist destination, imparting our knowledge and experience to all visitors. BSBCC will be open to the general public in 2013. Before we can do this, we need to finish the construction of our visitor centre, educational exhibits and 2nd bear enclosure. Only by opening to the public, will be able to generate revenue to run our program, draw people to our hometown of Sandakan and raise awareness of the plight of the Borneo sun bears.

Event #2

To further engage the youth of Sandakan, our future, we will also be hosting a separate, free documentary screening at Sabah Hotel on 21st July for 500 over students and teachers from Sandakan’s secondary schools and associations. The celebrities will also be gracing the event.


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Event info in PDF (Chinese)


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