BIG THINK Festival

Big Think logo-page-001AIESEC in USM is organizing a big event named BIG THINK Festival to create environmental awareness among the community. We are going to run a two days event.

The theme for this festival is YES to RE (Renewable Energy) and EE (Energy Efficiency).

BIG THINK Festival objectives:

  • Create environmental consciousness among Malaysian youth.
  • Create awareness of environmental issues which is essential in promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • To create international understanding through AIESEC network.

There will be many interesting events going on:

On 11st May 2013,

  • Explorace (5 people per group (maximum 6 teams))

On 12nd May 2013,

  • Colouring Contest (2 Categories) – Maximum 30 participants per category
    • Category A: 8-12 years old
    • Category B: 13-15 years old
  • Drama performance

There will also be booths set up by NGOs and companies.

We will have special partition which can enhance the understanding of public about the environmental issues which is a pathway designed that pass through 3 different stage with message evoke realization, create awareness and cultivate responsibility.

Program of Activities

Day 1 – 11 May 2013 (Saturday) Day 2 – 12 May 2013 (Sunday)
Time Activities Time Activities
1000-1210 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session 1000-1200 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session
1200-1210 Emcee Opening Speech 1200-1230 Environmental Talk
1210-1215 Speech from Organising Committee President 1400-1430 Drama Performance
1215-1220 Speech from Local Committee President of AIESEC in USM 1430-1500 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session
1220-1230 Speech from VIP from AEON 1500-1515 Registration for Colouring Contest
1230-1240 Officiation of Festival 1515-1530 Briefing of Colouring Contest
1240-1245 Souvenirs Presentation to VIP 1530-1730 Colouring Contest Start
1245-1315 Band Performance 1730-1815 Colouring Contest end
Judging and Tabulation of results
1315-1430 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session 1815-2000 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session
1430-1730 Explorace 2000-2030 Closing Ceremony Starts
1730-2000 Activity Rooms and Booth, Photo Session 2030-2045 Speech from Organising Committee President
2000-2130 Environmental Games 2045-2110 Prize Presentation for Colouring Contest Winners
&nbsp &nbsp 2110-2120 Closing Video
&nbsp &nbsp 2130 Officially Closing of the event

*Highlight event

Contact Info

See Pui Mun
Tel: 012-4276839
Yong Wei Shian
Tel: 012-5399143

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