Book Launch of STRINGS a novel by Peter G. Brown

LAUNCH OF STRINGS a novel by Peter G. Brown

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Tuesday 6 June, 9 pm, Gaslights Café & Music, Unit 15-2, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, (above Neroteca Restaurant) Kuala LumpurFree admission (no transparent collection jar) some food provided. Drinks sold at the counter. 

Self-published by Xlibris this novel has several drawbacks: first it is rather long, over 800 pages.  This is because it is rather self-indulgent writing, but hopefully historically accurate as it is set 50 years ago in 1967.  Anyone who was alive in this year will know that it was a famous year of changes in Western society where things got a lot more liberal to the extent of being libertarian.  How the main character – indeed all the characters deal with this new-found “freedom” is the stuff of the narrative.  It deals with the inner and outer life of the young men and women in the fore ground, who are musicians and their girlfriends.  I suppose it is heavily influenced by the “stream of consciousness” style of authors such as Proust, Virginia Woolf, Malcolm Lowry, as well as Thomas Mann, D. H. Lawrence, Herman Hesse and Dostoevsky – not the sort of stuff any publisher worth his business would ever publish today. Yes, editors, you will HATE this book.

Song performance to fit the time by Markiza & Peter, and others if they want to come and do an open mic – songs preferably late nineteen sixties and early seventies (or your originals) – just turn up (by 8.00 pm) and play (from 9 – 10 pm).                                              

Strings available from Silverfish Books, Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur (so far) or as an e-book (see below) – much cheaper  than the physical version, but if you like to turn pages then a copy is priced at RM60 (which is half-price) but bring a bag as it is quite heavy! 

Then the author will read an excerpt from his work and a spiel and answer questions about the Grande Oeuvre…  and the historical background:

The story line: it is 6th June 1967.  Feeling depressed in the aftermath of his final exams at the University of the South Coast, UK, Colin Ogilvie goes to the Union Bar and buys a beer.  There he gets into a discussion about the 6 day War between Israel & the Arab countries which has just begun, which side will win.  Colin fears this conflict might lead to a nuclear war between the US and Russia.

After walking in some fields nearby, brooding about his problematic relationship with his girlfriend, he goes back to the university and this time meets up with Simon Neilson who is playing the piano in a music room.  Simon is the lead guitarist of probably the University’s best student band.  Colin is a classical violinist so they have something to talk about. They go back by train to the city and this leads to an extraordinary adventure which changes the course of his life.

A message from the author:  I have always been a literary dreamer, and this is finally the product of my dreams.  It has taken a long time to create from its rough draft beginning in 1985 through the transfer to the computer and editing from 2006-2012.  Then another period when I had to go through the text and thoroughly put right all the little and not so little errors.  That finally ended at the end of last year (2016). It was the most horrifying and tedious period.  Also thanks to the helpful ladies in Xlibris for assisting me and giving me a prod every so often to do what I had to do, filling in correction forms etc.  The novel is as long as it is because I include the thoughts, feelings, apprehensions and excitements of the characters as the narrative   proceeds.  Most modern novels just record the dialogue and essential descriptive details, assuming the reader can pick up on the inner feelings and reactions of the characters as the story unfolds.  Maybe I repeat myself but that might be necessary to remind the reader of past incidents and experience.  That’s my defence…


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