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CAT Walk 11th-12th July

CAT Walk 11th-12th July

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CAT Walk 11th-12th July

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Please follow these steps to register for the trip:

1. Download and read the information pack here: CAT Walk & Border Walk Joining Information (.pdf) for more detailed information on the Walks, e.g. how to get to Merapoh, the accommodation and the equipment you will need.

2. Please fill in your personal particulars here (if we already have your details, just fill in the CAT section): MYCAT Volunteer Form.

3. Email the following documents* to

* For permit application. Repeat CAT volunteers can skip step 3.

4. You will receive MYCAT’s bank account number. Bank in or transfer RM200* each (CAT Walk participation fee) and email the confirmation slip to This is non-refundable.

Places are only confirmed when you complete step 4, on a first-come-first-served basis, and are limited to about 8 people / trip. Since the CAT Walk on 11-12 July falls during the Ramadan (fasting) month, food will be a little hard to come by in Merapoh. Please be prepared to bring your own food (instant noodles etc) and there are also some sundry shops nearby where you could grab some supplies.

Activities on the CAT Walk include hiking, birdwatching, looking for animal signs etc in the forest, where your presence will help deter poaching activities.How does that work, you ask? Learn more about the Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) programme at these links:


For further enquiries, you can reach us at or 03-7880 3940 during office hours.

Warm regards,
MYCAT Secretariat’s Office

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