The Water Project

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The Water Project

“The Water Project”  is a campaign that is initiated by The Green Trck3rs under the competition Student Initiated Enviromental Project Competition (SIEPC) ; Ignite The Silver Lining 2015 organized by the Faculty of Environmental Studies of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

        The lake of Faculty of Engineering plays an important role in the ecosystem of the habitat as many organism lives in the lake including various types of fishes, monitor lizards and also a tortoise. However this 250 metre squared lake is connected with a drainage system nearby which causes water pollution to the lake.

Our objectives for the project are to

identify and reduce water pollution that occur in the lake using recyclable materials.

clean up the solid waste that been thrown in to the lake and the area surrounding it.

spread the awareness about the importance of preserve and protecting the ecosystem in the lake.

As the students from the Faculty Of Engineering of UPM, we are concerned to take care of the beauty and cleanliness of our faculty. Besides, our faculty do have a beautiful lake with a variety of animals living there too. Hence, we would like to create the awareness on keeping the lake clean especially between the students of the faculty itself.

Venue : Lake of Faculty Of Engineering, UPM

Date : 5th May 2015

Time : 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm


Can’t wait to join us ??

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Nur (014-3205110)

Anne (019-2505836)


#PS – Monitor Lizard is waiting for you

For more information or any inquiries, feel free to contact us on our official Facebook page; The Green Trck3r

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