Cycle and Recycle in Style

Do Something Good: Connect, May edition is all about “Sustainability”. We’ve heard this word time and time again but it is more important than ever to really understand it. Humans have left behind a carbon footprint that our next generation may not be able to fix. We think it’s time to learn the complexity of it in order to alter our habits in our everyday lives to be more sustainable. “Cycle”, “Recycle” and “Style” relate to our three speaker sponsors:1. The Basikal- On the simplest yet effective transportaitional sustainability- CYCLING!2. Biji-Biji- On reducing waste by reusing them creatively. 3. Earth Heir- On turning waste to fashion!We are ├╝ber excited to have these inspiring initiatives joining us on the 20th of May at Makan @ The Basikal and we can’t wait to see you all there too!

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