Design Challenge – SEA Games Energy Playground


Join us in this opportunity to craft your dream Energy Playground! This is a shout out to all young designers out there to show the world their creative talent. Did we mention that your work will be displayed at the SEA Games and Para Games 2017?
More details in the signup form.

The playground is composed of
3 Generators :

Hamster wheel, Bicycle, Merry-go-round and a Center-piece (think of it as a oasis of energy). The Energy generated is used to power lights and sound!

The challengers will participate in a Series of 6 workshops (6th-7th May, 13th-14th May, 20th-21st May from 9am until 5PM). Participants will be introduced to Design, Alternative energy, Electronics and Programming.

Applicants must fill the following conditions:
Age between 15 and 18.
High school students.
Knowledge in 3D design software and/or electronics/programming.

If interested or for more information please send an email at

Ready, get set, go!