E-waste, Beverage Carton and Unused Medication Collection Day

Hello everyone,

Ever wonder what to do with:

Spoiled handphone, radio, microwave oven and other electronic waste (E-waste)?
Piled-up old medicine in refrigerator?
Empty drink packs/beverage cartons?

Here’s your solution!

Environmental Science and Management Club (SPAS Club), University of Malaya is organizing E-waste, Beverage Carton and Unused Medicine Collection Day. The main objective of this initiative is to provide sustainable disposal solution for this kind of waste.


28 – 30 October 2014


University of Malaya Main Library


11 am – 5pm

Why you should recycle these wastes?

E-waste consists of metal components that can be extracted and recycled. In addition, some of the metal components can be dangerous upon mixed with other domestic waste that is wet.

Beverage carton is 75% paper, 20% plastic, 5% aluminium and 100% recyclable. The plastic and aluminium layers can be extracted and recycled into roofing tile, which will be used to make roof for Orang Asli homes!

Unused medicine should not be disposed into normal bin but should be returned to hospital for proper management. Drug, upon mixed with other types of waste will turned into toxic and harm the environment.


See attached poster for more information. Share it with your friends!

Be part of the solution for environmental problems! Take action now!




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