E-waste Collection Day 2014

E-waste Collection Day(s) is finally here in UPM! Oh what is e-waste? E-waste is any unwanted electronic wastes including handphones, batteries, light bulbs, wires and any electronic gadgets, even refrigerator and TV are on the list! These items should be sent to special agents who are dealing with e-wastes because e-wastes need to be separated from other wastes for safe disposal. If they are thrown away just like other garbage, they might contribute to the heavy metal contamination of the environment!

From 19th November (Wednesday) to 21st November (Friday), there will be a collection centre set up at the foyer of Faculties of Environmental Studies which locates just besides the gate leading to Old Flat (Flat Ikan). If you have any e-waste which you do not know what to do with them, do drop by our faculty when you are going to Old Flat and left them at the box provided! We will take care of the rest! Besides, we might pay our visit to every faculty and also colleges as well. So watch out for us and stop us if you have any unwanted old electronic gadgets!

One of the ways to go green is to manage your garbage properly. See you next week!



P/S: A big thanks to MESYM for sponsoring the publicity of this project!

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