What is EcoExplorace?


EcoExplorace is an annually held treasure hunt-based competition aims to encourage participants to hunt for environmental knowledge around University of Malaya (UM) campus. With the theme of “There Is No Planet B”, this race aims to educate people on the awareness that there is no other planet more suitable to inhabit than our Earth. Therefore, all of us play a role in protecting it.

The checkpoints of the race will give an opportunity for participants to visit the green side of UM like:

  • Rimba Ilmu (oldest botanical garden)
  • UMCROPS Organic Farm
  • Stream of Life
  • Zero Waste Compositing Site

Team which completes the checkpoints in the fastest time stands a chance to win cash prize.

Event Details:

Date: 27 September 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am – 1.00pm
Assembly point: Dataran Sains at Faculty of Science
Dress code: Sport attire

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Who is the organiser?

This event is organized by UM undergraduate students from Environmental Science and Management Program under SPAS Club. In collaboration with UMCares – UM environmental secretariat. The varsity students aka environmentalists hope to create a better place for Mother Nature through their small act.



Who can participate?

Open to public!

Why you should participate?

  • Gain new learning experience
  • Meet new friends from all walks of life
  • Stay fit and healthy

How to participate?

1) Form a group of 4
2) Contact Ira (017-348 2782) or Kamila (013- 420 9327) 
3) Confirmation of group registration. 
**Once your group being registered, Ira or kamila will contact the group leader to manage about registration fee
4) Fill up the registration form.

Registration deadline: 21st Sept 2014

Feel free to drop your question to: 

She Mei


Don’t miss the chance and hope to see you there!

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