ENSEARCH Training : ISO14001:2004 Awareness Training For Better Environmental Management

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The purpose of this course is to explain the basic requirements of 5W 1H (Why?, When?, Which?, What?, Where? and How?) to give a clear understanding for participants on the rational and implementation of the EMS. By the end of the course, participants should be able to understand and get the general idea of how to implement the EMS for all types of industries be it in the manufacturing or service, regardless of whether multinational or local, big or small. This should not only increase the confidence for potential practitioners but shall also pave way for continual improvement of their processes to control, significantly reduce or eliminate completely any potential impact towards their environment.

Click HERE for full program and registration. For more information, kindly call Ms. Normi Zakaria at 03-61569807/08 OR email to po@ensearch.org.


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