Forest Replantation Event

JOIN US Nature Lovers!

When: 12th September 2013 (Thursday)

Where: Compartment 31, Hutan Simpan Kekal Bukit Tinggi
(Near Chamang Waterfall, 1 hour from KL)

From Bentong Town it is 12 km.
5km distance (approximately 20 minutes) from Chamang Waterfall – There will be 4X4 available for volunteers and there will be a 10mins walk to the site.

Space:+- 6 acres (Capacity: 1500 tree saplings)

Species: Meranti, Chengal, Pulai (Penentuan Spesies dibuat oleh Pejabat Hutan Daerah Bentong dan PSN Pahang Barat).

What to bring:

Long Pants, Long Sleeve, Gloves, Small Pen Knife (the 20 cent ones will do), Sport Shoes.

What will be given:
Breakfast, Tree saplings, Lunch and much gratitude from us at PEKA and Mother Nature.

7.30AM-8.00AM: Arrival of Volunteers
8.00AM-8.30AM: Breakfast
8.30AM – 9.00AM: Briefing by PEKA & Forestry Department
9.00AM-1.00PM: Replantation
1.00AM – 1.30PM: Lunch

Those who would like to join us can email:

Include your NAME, IC NUM, MOBILE NUM, incase of emergency name & number.

Thank you and hope to see you there!


This project is jointly organised by Rotary Club of Bangsar, PEKA and Sunway University.

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