Forum on the TPPA – The Possible Environmental Fallout in Malaysia

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (“TPPA”) crops up in the news every now and then, each time with renewed urgency and indication that it would be formalised and executed towards the end of this year.

Unless we refocus on a new set of assumptions, economic considerations will remain the main thrust of policy decisions on the TPPA. These decisions are likely to rely heavily upon exploitation, rather than conservation, of scarce environmental resources. Here is where the substantive human rights vulnerable to environmental degradation must assume significance in light of the TPPA.

On the other hand, many questions of procedural environmental rights such as the right to information, right to public participation, right to adequate remedies and the right to be consulted — which are the prime ingredients of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration on Sustainable Development — are in danger of being brushed aside with the anticipated signing of the TPPA. These are but some of the procedural concerns that are inextricably linked to the right to life.

This forum will examine some of the abovementioned environmental issues in the context of the TPPA. It will also evaluate some basic environmental safeguards such as the precautionary principle, the polluter-pay principle, intergenerational rights, and the key players and institutions.

Saha Deva s/o A Arunasalam, Climate Change Coordinator of the Bar Council Environment and Climate Change Committee, will moderate the forum.


  1. Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, Member of Parliament, Sungai Siput
  2. Roger Chan Weng Keng,Chairperson, Bar Council Environmentand Climate Change Committee
  3. Chew Swee YokeDeputy Chairperson, Bar Council Environment and Climate Change Committee
  4. Representative, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (“MITI”)
  5. Fauwaz Abdul Aziz, Representative, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (“SAM”)

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