Free Workshops by MENGO & Ecoknights

Hey everyone! In conjunction to Race For A Better Planet (RFABP) and also Vive Green Market, 2 special workshops are held for free by MENGO and also Ecoknights on the same day!

Always unsure on how to deal with all the kitchen wastes, food scraps, leftovers and rotten vegetables? Recycle those nutrients back to our Mother Earth by composting!

Join the backyard composting workshop in which Ecoknights will share important fundamental tips to kick start your own compost to do at your home! Get to equip yourself with all the brown and green knowledge in composting which is as simple as 1-2-3, and get a chance to bring home a 60 litre compost bin for FREE to start your journey with the composting community!

Workshop starts at 12.30pm

Starting your own edible garden is no longer a challenge once you’ve join this workshop loaded with the science and mechanism or aquaponics, one of the many ways of urban farming in this new era!

Join us as Poptani will share with you more natural and efficient forms of home farming by using a jars-jars kit. It’s a symbiotic system of fish and plants, where through the simple act of feeding fish, you can quickly grow a variety of plants. Sign up for FREE to get yourself a jars-jars kit at the end of the workshop, to start your own urban farm!

Workshop starts at 10.30am!

Sign up now before all seats are filled here at ! Each workshop an only take in 30 participants!

Event link:

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