FreedomFilmFest 2017 Screening of ‘Abandoned Land’ and Freedom Talk: Nuclear in Malaysia

“Abandoned Land” || 6 Sept 2017 || 2.30PM || PJ Live Arts

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Film synopsis: Some of the consequences of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 could have been prevented. As it transpires, the greatest tragedy for the 150,000 people who were affected was not only the radiation leak, but also the heavy-handed course of the evacuation of the damaged area. However, some baulked at the move. This nostalgic film follows the courageous settlers and hard choices of others who are supposed to return to the Zone. Young people are afraid, the elderly have no choice: in Japanese culture severing ties with one’s native soil and home is more lethal than a disease of the body. The intimate scenes leave one to contemplate in the slow passage of time how a post-apocalyptic city can be brought back to life.

Freedom Talk: Nuclear in Malaysia – Scientists and human rights activists have been locked in constant debates on whether we need nuclear energy to supplement our energy needs. Despite strong arguments against nuclear especially after lessons learnt from the Fukushima incident in Japan, Malaysia is said to be ready to building its very own nuclear power plant by 2030. The question of energy first or safety first remains strong concerns for both pro and anti-nuclear supporters. Discuss with knowledgeable speakers on this critical subject that concerns all Malaysians and their future generations.

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