Friends of MareCet Lecture Series: Lecture 1 (SEAHORSES)



Seahorses are peculiar creatures found throughout the world’s seas. Gentle and agile, these unconventional fishes have long found its place in human history. Neptune, the ancient and mythical Roman god of the sea is often depicted as travelling on a seahorse-drawn carriage, while some Asian cultures have taken a liking to the seahorse in their cuisine. The seahorse features most commonly on all sorts of modern-day items – earrings, pendants, paintings, door knobs, candle stands, you name it! Yet behind its apparent popularity, not many know of its life history. So come join us on this 60-minute fact-filled adventure to hear all about a seahorse’s basic biology, get acquainted with the seahorses of Malaysia, come learn about the threats that looms over its future, and find out who the seahorse rangers are in this country who are working tirelessly to raise the animal’s profile and ensure its survival for generations ahead.

About the speaker

Adam Lim is the project leader of Save Our Seahorses Malaysia (SOS Malaysia) and a Red List Authority member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) under the Species Survival Commission (SSC) for Seahorses, Pipefishes and Sticklebacks. He obtained a Bachelors of Science (Marine Biology) from the University Malaysia Terengganu and is currently undertaking his doctoral studies at the University of Malaya. He studies seahorses and pipefishes extensively in Malaysian waters, focusing on various aspects of their biology and ecology, which provides a basis for their conservation. Adam is also a member of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (Malaysia) alumni and a keen coffee connoisseur.
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So we hope to see you there, to come and share in the fun of learning all about our marine environment!

Friends of MareCet Lecture Series- SEAHORSE

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