Fundraiser lecture: A love affair with SHARKS & intolerance for marine TRASH

This is the 3rd installment in the 2014 Friends of MareCet Lecture Series. In conjunction with World Oceans Day, we bring you an informative and interesting talk about SHARKS and MARINE TRASH. So join us for this talk, drink good coffee, and support marine conservation! All proceeds go towards MareCet’s efforts in marine mammal and marine conservation in Malaysia.


How did one person come from eating shark fin soup to now lending her voice to help save this species from extinction? The speaker realized that it’s a journey that many divers take but any human being young and old MUST take if this species is to survive the next couple decades to come. Get to know the vital role that sharks play in the marine ecosystem. Let her share with you some interesting details about sharks. She’ll also love to hear stories of your experiences with sharks. The 2nd part of this talk is about the invasion of our trash into the ocean and how it affects the marine ecosystem. Find out how marine animals are paying the price for our insatiable and reckless use of stuff. How does trash in the ocean affect humans on land?

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