Going Beyond the Typical Fundraising Realm: An Entrepreneurial Perspective

Q1: What is this seminar about?

I will talk about how non-profit organisations generate their wealth to further their causes. The conventional way has been to raise funds through applications for grants and seeking funds from the private sector and the public in general. So that is what we know as the charity model.

What I hope to do in this seminar is to invite you to complement your conventional fundraising methods with an entrepreneurial model. This involves forming a new business entity that stays true to the purpose and causes of your non-profits, while allowing you to generate revenue from the business market through the sale of your products and services.

Now by reason of your being in the business market, you have a whole new platform to create impact and influence. – whether it is through your products and services or your role as a job provider for underprivileged communities. This opens up a whole range of possibilities.

Q2: Who should attend?

Leaders in non-profits, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, donors to charitable causes looking to go beyond conventional charity.

Q3: What’s the format?

2 sessions. One to set out what for-purpose enterprises. The other will be activity-based. Preview to the Seminar

PLEASE CALL PADMA at + to book your early bird seat which is RM60 before 10th November. After that it is RM70. Payment on the day of Seminar is RM80.

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