Green Drinks October: Food Fight

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This month at Green Drinks we begin to look at the huge issue of food with the film FOOD FIGHT!

Director Chris Taylor examines the evolution of American agricultural policy, and ways in which food culture in the 20th century was gradually co-opted by corporate forces that don’t necessarily have our best interests in mind.

The damage wrought by industrialisation of the food system is not where this story ends… he then looks at the influence of Alice Waters who led a group of political anti-corporate protestors in the 1960s and early 1970s into creating a food chain that operated entirely outside of the conventional system. The result was the birth of an organic food movement in America that was capable of yielding locally grown, fresh foods that were both healthful and delicious.

Beautifully shot and well written, we are treated to a series of interviews with food luminaries such as Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Pollan… while the film highlights how everyday people can successfully fight back against big agribusiness and convenience foods.

Today, industrial agriculture is not an American but a global phenomenon. The ‘Californian revolution’, with the insistence on local, fresh, seasonal, sustainable, and organic produce is good for us and the planet… and as the organic fresh food movement takes off in Malaysia (more about this next month!), FOOD FIGHT offers a good foundation for understanding how this happened and what needs to be done!

Food Fight poster

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