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“GREEN THE WORLD” event on 24th September 2015

“GREEN THE WORLD” event on 24th September 2015

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“GREEN THE WORLD” event on 24th September 2015

Currently me and my friends are running a project called”Green the World”. Most of our participants are secondary students, from this event, they will learn more about the NGO and to be able to help them in one day to save our environment.

In order to run the project, we do need cash donation from people in raising fund. Our target fund to raise is about RM 2000. Any people who are willing to donate to us, you can drop me a message. Any surplus we made from the event will be donate to WWF. We are here to thanks for your kindly helping.

HOH KAH YING 011-17856175

LAI CHEE KUAN 017-3311321

1.0 Introduction

We are a group of members which included six of the students who come from Help College of Art and Technology (HELP CAT) for running our MPU 3482 – Community Service. In a sense of to run our Community Service Progamme, we decided to run the “Green The World” Programme at Pantai Teluk Kemang,Port Dickson  to advocate the Environmental Awareness towards the students and also the public.

A country with blue sky, blue ocean, shining sun and clean air is the dream environment  that every citizens wish to stay. Due to the development of economy and living standard increased, there is the increasing  of human impact on the environment. In order to keep  a healthy, clean and sustainable development of the living environment, thus, we are starting this programme from our city, our campus, and us.
2.0 Objectives



2.1 Mission

3.1 Date and Time:                 24 September 2015 (Thursday)

3.1 Date and Time:                 9.00a.m. to 5.00p.m.

3.2 Venue:                              Pantai Bagan Pinang, Port Dickson

3.3 Theme:                              “Green The World”

3.4 Target of Participants :   Campus Students, 20 to 30 students

3.5 Organising Committees:
                                                Consultation Lecturer: MR. ALMADY

Programme Co-ordinator: HOH KAH YING
Programme Assisstant Co-ordinator: LAI CHEE KUAN

Secretary: LIM SHOOK YIK

Treasurer: LEE WAY YING

Logistician: AGHILAN

Graphic Designer: LAI CHEE KUAN
Tentative Programme: LIM SHOOK YIK, HOH KAH YING


3.6 Tentative Programme:

Time Flows of Activities Details
7.00am Depart from Kuala Lumpur. – If there are less than 12 person from Kuala Lumpur, we go by van.
– If there are more than 20 person from Kuala Lumpur, we go by bus.

– Every participants will get their breakfast on the way which is 2 breads, 1 mineral water, and 1 choco drink.

– We are expected that it take around 2 hours to go Port Dickson.

9.00am Ice- Breaking – In order to know each other well, we have prepare the ice breaking game for devide them into groups.
– After they had group their members, they need to create their own group name and slogan.
– The Slogan  is supposed related to environment protection.  Then, they need to show up their slogon accordingly.

– We are expected that it take around 1 hour.

10am Poster Drawing – We will prepare them a set of drawing tools (ie,  3 pieces of drawing papers, a set of crayon, colour pencil, 3 pencils, 2 erasers, 2 glues, and fews magazines) for each group.

– The theme “Green The World” and their group name need to state on their poster with their own creative.

– All of our organiser committees will votes for the most creativeness poster in this section and the group will get the award (ie, hampers)

– We are expected that it take around 1 hour.


Time Flows of Activities Note
11am Running Beach! – There are five games in this section.

– Each section will be given them around 15 minutes to finish their task and get the stamp from the station head according to their performance.

– See NOTES for the messages that delivered  in each games.

1.00pm Lunch Time – We will preparing fried mee hun and 100 plus drink for each member.

– Time given for rest is about half and hour

– All of the committees discuss about the Running Beach result to decide the winning group in the section.

1.30pm After game talk – In order to express clearly the message behind each game in Running Beach Section, we will held a talk to participants to let them knows more general knowledges about the environmental awareness.

– In  order to advocate the environmental awareness, we are open this section to public who are willing to join us.

2.30pm Beach Cleaning – In this section, all participants including our committees need to do the beach cleaning.

– We will prepare the big plactic bag, gloves and masks.

– Gloves and masks are mostly being prepared for those who have skin sensitive.

4.00pm Tea Time

Lucky Draw
Award Ceremony


– We will prepare the pastries for each participant.

– In order to take care everyone’s feelings, every participant will get the gift in the lucky draw section, just the cost of gifts will be given start from less costly to more costly.

– For the award ceremony, we are preparing 3 hampers for winning groups. (ie, winner of the best slogon, winner of the most creative poster, winner of the Running Beach.)

– Fews participants are allowed to express their feeling throughout whole process.

– In the end, all committees need to express thanks words.

5.00pm The end of programme – Send the participants back to Kuala Lumpur.
– Clean up the place.







  1. Don’t Step Out!
    Message to bring:

– participants will learn about International Union of Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources (IUCN) and World Wild Fund For Nature (WWF).


  1. Save Marine Life!
    Message to bring:

Stop marine pollution.

– participants will learn about Ocean Conservancy (NPO).


  1. Where is your friends?
    Message to bring:

participants will learn the general knowledge about recycle.


  1. Puzzle get confused~
    Message to bring:

– participants will learn about Friend of Earth(FOE), Greenpeace,  Malaysia Environmental Sustainability Youth Movements(MESYM).

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