Herp Group AGM & Herp Talk: Frogs of Malaysia

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The MNS Herpetofauna SIG needs you! We are looking to expand our committee so that we will be able to plan bigger and more ambitious trip for you — our members! With up to 8 positions to fill, if you want help out and be involved, you WILL get a position!

Technical knowledge on herps is not required. We just need someone that is willing to lend a helping hand that is enthusiastic about herps! We can train you! As a committee member, you will be able to participate on our herp trips and receive training on finding and identifying herps for free!

So if you love herps and want be involved in Herp Groups inner workings, do come to our AGM and volunteer for one of our positions!

After our AGM, Steven Wong will be giving a talk on the Frogs of Malaysia. There will be a slideshow on all the frogs that he has managed to see in Peninsular Malaysia. He will also be going though the 6 different families of frogs and show how similar frogs can be distinguished. So do come along! Even if its just to catch the talk and learn how to ID frogs!

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