Housing vs. Habitat: The Social Housing Challenge

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Date: Saturday, March 1
Time: 2.30pm – 4.00pm (entry from 2.00pm)
Venue: Glass Lantern Lobby, Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre
Map: http://www.pjtc.my/location.html


Each year, the budget boasts about an increase in the number of social housing, but quantity is not a sufficient way to deal with the underlying issues of social housing.

Under maintenance, poor design and inefficient social facilities result in producing four-walled homes, but not habitats which enhance the well-beings of its occupants.

How could design be critically re-imagined for the existing image and expectation of social housing in Malaysia? How can good design and architecture uplift and enhance relationships within a social housing community?


Speakers will be announced soon.


Our venue partner is Tujuan Gemilang (http://www.tujuangemilang.com).

For more information, please email hello@betterciti.es.

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