IGEM 2014

Themed “Creating Green Wealth”, the 5th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM2014) aims to help push the rapid adoption of green technology which is the emerging driver to deliver a double impact of sustainable economic growth as well as to address the environmental and energy security issues.

Having firmly established its foothold as the region’s largest green exhibition, IGEM2014 will continue its pursuit to gather like-minded industry players and professionals to explore and seize the opportunities from the exciting and emerging green market in the country and the region. Along with ASEAN / International Pavilions, it provides an essential platform to launch, feature and showcase innovative green technologies, eco-products and services. It is indeed a must-attend event for green product buyers and sellers to interact, transact and forge new partnerships and cross border collaboration.

This four-days event is expected to draw more than 600 companies / organizations from around the world and over 60,000 visitors. The time to act is NOW — Don’t miss out on the green opportunities and register your participation now at http://www.igem.com.my.

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IGEM2014 Green Energy


The provision of clean and sustainable energy supplies to satisfy our ever-growing needs is one of the most critical challenges facing mankind. It is evident that we are rapidly depleting our fossil fuels; and its large-scale utilisation has caused significant stress on the environment. The problem is made even more acute by the huge demands for energy in the emerging economies. Unfortunately, renewable energy has not been deployed on a large scale to displace significant quantities of crude oil, coal or natural gas.

Yet renewables truly are ready! Renewable energies are secure and inexhaustible with insignificant emissions intensity. Currently, about 16% of global final energy consumption comes from renewables, this sector presents huge business opportunities. Being identified as the nation’s “fifth fuel”- after oil, gas, coal and hydro in the Malaysia’s Five Fuel Policy, the Renewable Energy sector is fast gaining ground as a new growth area.

Against this backdrop, the IGEM2014 Green Energy will be held in conjunction with the 5th International Greentech & Eco-Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM2014) to provide prominent presence to RE & EE sectors in this four-day event, it will host dedicated booths solely to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technology solution and service providers.

WHY IGEM2014 Green Energy?

Featured as a special thematic exhibition at IGEM 2014, IGEM2014 Green Energy is the strategic platform to showcase various Green Energy technology solutions, to be in the fore-front of the green growth.

Here are the four major factors that make using abundant RE and EE sources to produce energy a sound decision for both business communities and domestic consumption:

  • RE sources are relatively no or low energy costs;
  • Competitiveness in RE and EE technologies with a great deal of R&D underway;
  • RE and EE projects save money in the long-term; and
  • Government programs offer local industries a chance to invest in RE & EE and arrange power purchase agreements and low financing to limit risk and raise revenue. These programs include FiT, GTFS, MIEEIP, SREP, etc.

While the world is eager to adopt RE and EE considerations into business activities including production, consumption and trade, IGEM2014 Green Energy will offer massive trade and technology transfer opportunities.

World’s key green players have committed to have their presence at IGEM2014 Green Energy, so don’t miss the chance to tap into the huge potentials!

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Eco Home

An Eco Home is a type of houses / residence that are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, while focusing on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials. In fact, living in healthier, more comfortable houses that are less expensive to operate and last longer is certainly an attractive idea, which can also result in a much less resource- intensive lifestyle. Reducing our demand for critical resources not only ensures future generations a chance to live a good life, it also contributes to a higher level of environmental stewardship, helping create a healthier and cleaner world.

Eco Home encompasses every part of construction, not just the house itself but everything around it, and how the house and its occupants relate to the community around them. At its most basic, eco-home is a tripod of three interrelated goals:

  • Energy efficiency, i.e. consume little energy and use renewable source of energy whenever possible
  • Conservation of natural resources, i.e. use of durable products to reduce waste and specifying recycled-content products that reuse natural resources;
  • Indoor air and water quality: prevent off-gassing of chemicals found in many building materials and household products, protect the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Indeed, Eco-home is one of the key green development trends of the decade and very much in line with the objectives of IGEM exhibition series, it is thus imperative to be featured prominently as a thematic driven zone at IGEM2014, namely “ECO HOME @ IGEM2014”, with a focus on creating an inspirational and thought-provoking green experience for exhibitors and visitors alike. The dedicated zone offers practical and economically viable solutions for sustainable living, while helping to bring eco-homes into the mainstream.

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