Ignite the Silver Lining Carnival 2015: Activities + Prize Giving Ceremony

CARNIVAL In conjunction with the SIEPC 2015, the Faculty of Environmental Studies of UPM brings you the Ignite the Silver Lining Carnival 2015!!! Date: 17th May 2015 (Sunday) Time: 9 am – 5 pm Location: Faculty of Environmental Studies, UPM We will have the following activities:

Environmental NGOs exhibition

Wondering how you can contribute to the environment during weekends or semester breaks? This is your chance! We have various environmental NGOs that will showcase their cause and volunteering opportunities during the carnival! You will surely gain something through the interaction with them!

  • EcoKnights
  • Global Environment Centre
  • My Garden Bird Watch
  • Kindmeal
  • iCycle



Barter market (9.30am to 12.30pm)

We are often educated to reduce and reuse things to avoid unnecessary rubbish production. Do you know that bartering is a good chance to share things that you are no longer using with others who need it more? You might even find some treasures that you have been looking for at the market organised by Savepot Malaysia! All you have to do is to bring a mat and things that you want to exchange with others during the carnival! Happy bartering!

plastic paradiseemptyingtheskies

Film screenings (10.00am – 11.30am // 1.00pm – 2.30pm)

Sometimes documentaries can be boring, but I promise that these two sessions of documentary screenings is a must-attend if you are interested in viewing the environmental issue using a different perspective! Brought to you by EcoKnights, we have two films to share with everyone:

  • Emptying the Skies The chronicles of the rampant poaching of migratory songbirds in southern Europe.
  • Plastic paradise The journey about Angela Sun seeking the truth about the island of plastic garbage somewhere in Pacific Ocean.


Prize giving ceremony (3 to 5 pm)

After going through the registration, workshop, audition and running of projects for the Student-initiated Environmental Projects Competition 2015, we have five finalists who have finally survived through the two months of hard work and submitted their outcomes in the form of a five-minute video each team. There are 3 awards for the teams with the best projects:

  • First prize – RM700 cash award
  • Second prize – RM500 cash award
  • Third prize – RM300 cash award


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