Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) Knowledge Sharing Session on “Approaches in Participatory Research”

The Department of Science & Technology, Faculty of Science and MENGO (Malaysian Environmental NGOs) will be organising a half day  on Wednesday, 17th of July 2013. The event is supported by UM Sustainability Science Cluster and UM Environmental Secretariat (UMCARES), and funded by the Universities and Council Network in Innovation for Inclusive Development (UNIID-SEA).

Broadly our collective vision is to promote participatory research approaches that would allow local researchers to be both the ‘investigator’ and ‘agent of change’ in their area of interest, and in doing so, encourage the participation and voices of the marginalised community to be acknowledged and incorporated in the research process. This knowledge sharing session will hopefully encourage local researchers to develop an appreciation of this vision, and provide initial exposure on the different ways in which participatory research has and can be implemented on the ground.

Please help us share this flier as attached and if you should have any inquiries or would like to register, please refer to Awang Muzaiddin at



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