July 2013 Raja Musa Forest Reserve Monthly Tree Planting

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The Raja Musa Forest Reserve Rehabilition Programme is a collaborative effort between the Selangor Forestry Department (Selangor FD) and Global Environment Centre (GEC) funded by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. The upcoming event will be tree planting activity and we are planning to revisit previous planting areas to plant more tree seedlings, assess the status and replace seedlings which did not survive. We invite everyone including those who has not join us before to come along to support this event.

RMFR was gazetted in 1990 and prior to its gazettement, the area was part of State land forest and was intensively subjected to logging since 1950’s with very little control and supervision from Forestry Department. As a consequence, the condition of the forest is heavily disturbed and the forest stand is only of medium to low density.
gec rehab
gec logging

The issues

a) Forest fire

  • Correlation between heavily drained and degraded forest areas and fires in Raja Musa FR;
  • Frequent fires during prolong dry spells in months of February – March and June – August every year;
  • Due to burning of agricultural waste outside the FR, illegal clearing for settlement and agriculture activities and other encroachment activities;
  • An area covering 6500 hectares bordering the southern part of the Raja Musa FFR is directly affected by drainage and has been severly degraded by fire;
  • 2000 hectares comprises of grassland due to repeated burning incidence;

Within the FR are large quantirues of dry organic materials found heavily logged and dameged forests; and

Due to this, the centre of the FR is severely affected by fire over the past decades.

b) Encroachment

Land grabbing from the late 1990’s up to mid 2000’s resulted in illegal encroachment of the previously burnt area and provided an excuse for illegal settlers who have encroached into the forest reserve for settlement and agriculture. After a series of ad hoc actions by SFD, the present Selangor State Government acknowledge the severity of damage and negative impact to the state, resulting in 470 individuals forcefully removed/evacuated from the affected sites in December 2008 and these areas have now been subjected to forest rehabilitation activities.

The Raja Musa Forest Rehabilitation Programme is a collaborative programme between the Selangor Forestry Department and Global Environment Centre (GEC). The programme aims to rehabilitate more than 1,000 ha of degraded forest within and adjacent to the Raja Musa Forest Reserve through community participation as well as protecting remaining intact areas.

The programme includes a range of actions including fire prevention, restoration of natural water table, encouragement of natural regeneration as well as replanting severely degraded areas. The programme involves the engagement of local communities and volunteers in carrying out the seedling production, enrichment planting, post planting treatment and monitoring of threats.

Event Details:-
6 July 2013
Venue: FC 99 Parit 6 (P6)
In conjuction with World Population Day (11/7/13)

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