Light Bulb and E-Waste Collection and Recycling Programme and Awareness Talk

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The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) in collaboration with MNS Green Living will be setting up collection bins in the Malaysian Nature Society headquarters to enable members of the public to correctly dispose of their light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes and other electronic waste (e.g. batteries, unwanted appliances and gadgets) for recycling and safe disposal. 

  • Why can’t we just dispose of these items with our regular household waste?
  • What constitutes scheduled waste?
  • What happens to these items once they are sent for recycling?
  • How do these items harm the environment and human health if not properly disposed of?

To find out the answers to these questions, please come for the awareness talk at the time and location stated above! Refreshments will be served and we would be happy to collect your light bulbs and e-waste from you on the same day. We will also conduct a Spot Quiz on light bulbs and e-waste recycling. This event is free of charge and open to all. We hope to see many concerned Earth citizens there!

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