March to Indonesian Embassy to deliver Haze memo

Please RSVP on the facebook event page, and you can add your signature to the memo.

Gather at 9am at KLCC park we will then march to deliver memo to Indonesian Ambassador.

Text of the memo is here:

Contact: Teck Wyn 0163619148




Undersigned Residents, Citizens and Organisations of Malaysia


His Excellency President Joko Widodo,
President of the Republic of Indonesia


His Excellency Ambassador Herman Prayitno
Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
No. 233, Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur 50400
18 September 2015
Dear Sir,


We, the undersigned residents, citizens and organisations of Malaysia, appeal to you to make good on your promise to solve the problem of the smoke haze that is blowing across from Indonesia this year as it has for too many years since the 1990s.

We note that this year the haze is as bad as ever, with the unhealthy air quality forcing our authorities to shut schools in four states and divert dozens of flights. This is despite the fact that your government finally signed the ASEAN Haze Agreement after a 14-year delay.

We recognise that you, Sir, have taken a personal role in tackling the haze by visiting Sumatra last week and ordering the police, military and forestry official to enforce the law. However, water-bombing, cloud-seeding and catching the poor farmers that light the fires is clearly not enough. The law is full of loopholes that allow the big plantation companies to continue to drain the peat soil and this actually is the root cause that allows for the fires to occur during the dry season. The plantation companies are the real culprits. Digging canals to drain peat soil must be made into a crime under Indonesian law.

We are aware that the companies drain the soil to grow palms for producing palm oil and acacia trees for making paper. We acknowlege that many of these guilty plantation companies have Malaysian shareholders, Malaysian managers and Malaysian buyers. Indeed many of us in Malaysia continue to use the palm oil and paper that is produced by the very plantation companies that are behind the haze. As a fellow ASEAN member, Malaysia acknowleged our share of the responsibility for the haze by being the first to sign the Haze Agreement in 2002.

After more than a decade of respecting the ASEAN principles of non-interference and consensus it is clear that a different approach is needed. If Indonesia does not deal with this problem by next year then we will launch a campaign against the guilty plantation companies. We will encourage Malaysia to ban the import of products from peatland plantations, we will call for a dumping of shares in companies related to peatland plantations, and we will take legal action against the directors and managers of the guilty plantation companies.

At the moment we feel powerless to stop the noxious fumes that drift across the Straits of Malacca and blow across from Borneo. The system of nation states means that citizens of Malaysia have no democratic right to influence the governance of a neighbouring country. Nevertheless as we watch our children and old folk suffer the effects of the haze we cannot be expected to continue to stand by in silence.

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