MESYM Crossover Documentary Series #11: Not Business as Usual

The MESYM Crossover Documentary Series is held every last Thursday of each month @ Loyar Burok. Everyone is invited to come watch the documentary, participate in the discussion, and meet like-minded people. Admission is free!

For our November event, the crossover topic is the Social Enterprise. We are screening Not Business as Usual, a provocative look at capitalism and its unintended price of success. The film tracks the changing landscape of business with the rising tide of conscious capitalism through the stories of local entrepreneurs who have found innovative ways to bring humanity back into business.

This event is part of the Social Enterprise Month by Social Enterprise Malaysia. Sanggeet Mithra from Tandemic will join us for the post-film discussion, to provide a good understanding of Malaysia’s Social Economy Ecosystem. Sanggeet has a keen interest in alternative economic systems, and has experience with social enterprises not just in Malaysia, but also in the United States and Spain.

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About ‘Not Business as Usual’

A Film About Disrupting the Business Quo

It was the promise of something better…

A better life for your family, a better start for your business, a better legacy to leave the world. Founded on the virtues of hard work, equal opportunity and a free market economy.

But somewhere between the dreaming, and the making, and the buying, and the selling – we were duped. And we’re just now beginning to realize how badly.

Not Business As Usual is a provocative look at capitalism as envisioned by Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, the most influential economist of the late 20th century. The film explores why he only measured success by one metric: Profit. And how that narrow view has resulted in environmental destruction, human rights abuses and ironically enough, unsustainable business practices.

This feature length documentary tracks the changing landscape of business with the rising tide of conscious capitalism and features the inspiring stories of several subversive entrepreneurs from Vancouver who are redefining what it means to be successful.



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