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MESYM Documentary Night #38: “Power to Change”

MESYM Documentary Night #38: “Power to Change”

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MESYM Documentary Night #38: “Power to Change”

MESYM’s Documentary Night is held every 2nd Tuesday of each month. Everyone is invited to come hang out, watch a documentary, meet like-minded friends and take part in the discussion. Admission is free!

For our November event we will watch Power to Change, a film about a great vision—and the people turning it into reality: the rebels of our day. The future of world energy lies in decentralised, clean supplies stemming 100% from renewable sources. That is the message of the documentary Power to Change — The energy rebellion.

Join the event on our Facebook Group.


Skype Q&A with the film director, Carl A. Fechner

Carl-A. Fechner is a qualified educator, journalist, filmmaker and producer. A winner of the European Solarprize and the B.A.U.M.-Environmental prize, he has long been advocating the need for fundamental change. In 1989 he founded fechnerMEDIA GmbH, which since its inception has been promoting examples of sustainable living and has won numerous international awards for its documentary films, PR campaigns and crossmedia projects.

About “Power to Change”

Germany faces the biggest structural reform since the beginning of the industrial age. POWER TO CHANGE – The EnergyRebellion is the cinematic experience and exploration of this millennium challenge.

This is the story of a quest – a search in which questions are raised and answers found.

The film shows the conflict over an energy revolution, which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced through decentralized, regional players. It draws upon the personal stories of people who have taken the responsibility for their energy supply and the protection of their natural livelihood into their own hands. By weaving together people and places it creates an authentic record of our time. With a journalistic-analytical approach, supported by in-depth research, the film shows the daily struggle of activists, entrepreneurs, skeptics and critics in dealing with this energy revolution. It seeks to attract international media attention in order to project their struggle onto to the world stage.

It’s a film that aims to put an end to the doomsday scenarios and the cynical discussions over the feasibility of the energy revolution. It’s entertaining, exciting and fascinating, without succumbing to moralistic preaching. But it is irreconcilable where reconciliation is not possible.



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