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[Mindset Public Talk] The Way to Paris – Malaysia’s position towards Climate Change and the COP21

[Mindset Public Talk] The Way to Paris – Malaysia’s position towards Climate Change and the COP21

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[Mindset Public Talk] The Way to Paris – Malaysia’s position towards Climate Change and the COP21

We are rapidly approaching the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), that will take place in Paris towards the end of the year. The objective of COP21 is to achieve a universal and legally binding agreement on Climate Change. In advance, we have prepare a very interesting event to learn about Climate Change and Malaysia’s position towards it and the COP21 negotiations. For September’s Mindset Public Talk we have invited three experts in climate change science and policy: Dr Gary W. Theseira (NRE), Dr Matthew Ashfold (UNMC), and Ms Lakshmi Lavanya Rama Iyer (WWF-Malaysia). This event will take place on Wednesday 30th of September, 6 pm, at KLTC. Details below and in the attached poster. If you are interested in attending the talk online, please contact us at least 2 days in advance and we’ll provide you the link.

This event is one of Mindset’s Public Talks – monthly events that are generally held on the evening of the third Wednesday of each month. These talks are aimed to a general audience including academics, government officers, NGOs, people from the relevant industries, and any person with an interest for environmental issues. We are looking forward to see you in this and future Mindset events.

Mindset Public Talk, September 2015

RSVP: Tue 22 Sep,

Refreshments will be served after the talkTransport from and back to UNMC will be provided for students who register before 22 Sep

[To avoid traffic hassle we encourage using public transport. The nearest stations to KLTC are Monorail’s Raja Chulan (11 min walking) and Bukit Bintang (13 min)]

About the Speakers

theseiraDr Gary W. Theseira is Deputy Undersecretary at the Division of Environment Management and Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. His duties include policy analysis, development and support for climate change policies and sustainable development. Dr Theseira is part of the Ministerial Core Group on Climate Change, National Climate Change negotiators team (COP7, and COP12-19), Rio +20, and he coordinates G77. In this event, Dr Theseira will describe Malaysia’s position towards Climate Change and the COP21.

matthewashfoldDr Matthew Ashfold has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus since September 2013. His research is in the area of atmospheric science, with a particular focus on the atmosphere of Southeast Asia. Dr Ashfold will review the basics of Climate Change science and the changes to climate and other parts of the earth system we can expect during the 21st century. These changes are likely to require fundamental changes to the way we live.  

lavanyaMs Lakshmi Lavanya Rama Iyer is Head of Policy and Climate Change at WWF Malaysia. She is a lawyer with a MSc in Sustainability (Climate Change). Ms Lavanya coordinated the preparation of Malaysia’s national report on climate change to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), has represented Malaysia in international negotiations at the UNFCCC, and was an expert reviewer of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. In this event, Ms Lavanya will provide a response to the previous speakers.


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