MNS Green Living SIG New Year’s Day Forest Cleanup and Tree Planting Session

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Let us start the new year on a positive note by focusing on what WE can do for the Planet and society!

Join us at the KDCF for a spot of trail cleanup and tree planting.

Date: New Year’s Day 2016
Time: 10 a.m. – 12 noon.
(We are starting late cos many people would be all partied out. But it’s cool and shady in the forest so you won’t get heatstroke digging away at noon)

The seeds will be Merbau seeds from the MNS HQ, but please feel free to bring other indigenous fruit tree seeds to plant, too. No cost to participants. However, please bring:

1. A spade, trowel, shovel or hoe, if you have one.
2. Gardening gloves
3. Sunblock
4. Drinking water
5. Suitable shoes.

Green Living will provide the rubbish bags and mosquito repellent.
The meeting point is the head of the trail right across the road from the Taman Rimba Riang park in Section 9 Kota Damansara. Kindly bike or carpool with others.
Location MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on the feedback of the Selangor Forestry Department.

To participate, please drop us a line at or

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