Wild Tiger Run

Date: 9 November 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Taman Bukit Jalil

Time: 5am – 12pm

MYCAT is 10 this year! Come run and roar for the Malayan tiger! Celebrate with us and help raise funds for tiger conservation.

If you don’t like to run or did not manage to sign up, be part of the fun by volunteering! Volunteers will be manning the operations booth, stationed along the route as marshals (and cheerleaders), distributing medals/food/water etc.

To sign up, please send your full name, email, mobile number and T-shirt size to mycat.so@malayantiger.net. Breakfast is provided.


All the artwork for this event (posters, T-shirt etc.) were generously contributed by Ummi Junid, a talented MYCAT volunteer!

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