MYD Training Series – Chris Wright

Chris Wright

Chris Wright

Title: How can youth be effective in influencing the UN climate negotiation ?

Training Brief

Chris Wright will be bringing his years of experience in campaigning in the UN climate negotiations to discuss how best Malaysian youth can engage with the UN climate negotiations, and host an interactive workshop that focuses on advocating key issues for Malaysian youth on the international stage. Warning: this will not be a talkfest, but it may be fun!

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Trainer Profile

Chris Wright is a climate change campaigner, facilitator and poet. Originally from Australia, he has spent most of the last 5 years campaigning around the UN climate negotiations, while also working with Indigenous communities and renewable energy in Sabah, Malaysia.

He is currently the manager of the Adopt a Negotiator project, and believes that young people should and can be the voices of climate and environmental change around the world.

Recently, he was named by the Guardian as one of the top young campaigners to watch in the lead up to COP21.

#MYD Training Series – Training on UNFCCC negotiations and media work with various climate experts, government bodies and civil society leaders, from July until Nov 2015.  Each sessions will run for 2 hours and will be broadcast live on Google Hangout. Hangout will be available on YouTube for future reference.

#MYD – Malaysian Youth Delegation – Malaysian youth climate movement at international United Nations climate conferences, UNFCCC, participants will be mentored and hold engagements with various climate expert bodies and dialogue with Malaysian policy makers and negotiators.

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