PakO HangOut on Mt. Rinjani

PakO is Orangutan Odysseys’ and The Orangutan Projects’ new ambassador and will travel Indonesia in an effort to help save the orangutans and their rainforest homes. Starting in 2016 he will undertake many adventures looking for supporters to come and “HangOut” with him. We hope you will follow his adventures and support his important efforts.

PakO – to be the first orangutan to summit Mt.Rinjani on the isalnd of Lombok (3,762m ASL). We are really excited to announce his first challenge of climbing Mt.Rinjani in Lombok. You are now invited to HangOut with him on the mountain.

Why is PakO climbing Mt. Rinjani ? His purpose is to help raise more awareness about the many problems facing the orangutans and their rainforest homes, along with helping to raise urgently needed funds to support the many NGO’s important works in saving and rehabilitating orangutans.

Clean Up Mt. Rinjani. While PakO is oin the mountain he wants to make sure he leaves it clean and ensure the environment here is protected. So as part of the trek guests will be dionating funds to bring along extra porters for the sole purpose of cleaning up the rubbish on the rubPakO Hangout on Mt.Rinjanibish.

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